Method prof.Stephana Ihde (Switzerland) used more than 20 years in the world and is available with us. BCS implants are among the most advanced implant systems manufactured in Switzerland (IHDE DENTAL). Patients within 72 hours receive implants and teeth. This method is very interesting for the jaw or lack of bones where other implant systems can not succeed. Why is this method safe and guarantee eternal ?! Because implants “love” for the basal bone, talking about the bones that are not absorbed from the jaw bones that remain. It is a non surgical “flap”, opening the gingiva, which makes minimally invasive surgery.



Implantation is a branch of dentistry that is definitely easier for patients. Many patients do not want to grind healthy teeth to make bridges and thereby close the place in the mouth where teeth are missing. In such cases, if we have a good basis for inserting the implant, the implant is definitely the best choice. The implant is a screw which is made of titanium biocompatible material that is installed into the jawbone and replaces the missing tooth root. There are various types of implants. Which will be incorporated type, depends on the condition of the bones and special needs of patients. The procedure is painless and is performed under local anesthesia. Before the procedure it is mandatory to do a recording of the teeth – ortopan or possibly CT scan. The implant takes the role of the tooth root. What is important is that the implant will help us preserve the alveolar ridge. Implant is implanted into the bone and stimulates the surrounding bone. In this case there is no bone resorption that occurs after tooth loss. If the tooth is replaced by a bridge, the bone is not stimulated and leads to bone resorption. How long does an implant last? Dental implants after installation can last a lifetime. It must be emphasized that a lot depends on regular maintenance and hygiene and the patient is obliged to regularly go to the dentist at least once a year. Implants can be used with totally edentulous patients.

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